Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor

Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor

Thankfully, this glorious male ritual is making a comeback. Benefits of the Classic Wet Shave Reduce costs. You can save some serious money switching over to a safety razor. Additionally, you can save money by using traditional shaving creams and soaps. On the other hand, traditional shave creams and soaps are made out of natural materials. While their up-front cost may be a bit more than shaving gels, you require less product to get a proper lather. Thus, you end up saving more in the long run. Traditional wet shaving with a double-edged safety razor uses less waste than shaving with cartridge razors. The only waste is a single metal razor blade and lather down the sink. The tubes and bowls that most traditional shave creams and soaps are sold in produce less waste than those clunky non-biodegradable aerosol canisters that gels come in.

A Vintage Gillette Flare Tip (Made in England) TTO Razor

History[ edit ] Bronze razor. Razors have been identified from many Bronze Age cultures. These were made of bronze or obsidian and were generally oval in shape, with a small tang protruding from one of the short ends.

I have a Gillette Adjustable Razor that has never been used in the original plastic case, with a travel case, unopened pack of razor blades, the instruction manual, and certificate number The ra .

This fine collectible item is from the Victorian era, — , Magnificent, All Brass shaving stand, this one of a kind collectible item comes with a brass shaving bowl with a porcelain insert, a Mint Condition brass barrel that sits underneath the shaving brush which is also Victorian era. The brush is approximately 5 inches long and sports a painted wooden handle, this brush is absolutely beautiful and from the looks of it handmade, the badger hair bristles are held tightly in the brush and are losing none.

Every piece of this shaving stand is made from beautiful shining brass. The Shaving Stand comes equipped with a telescoping mirror which is approximately 6 inches across. The mirror looks as if new, encased in a brass frame, this is a one sided mirror with the back being covered in a beautiful brass plate. This is an item you have to see to believe, this type of item is not seen very often nowadays.

On one side of the telescoping pole is a beautiful brass ring that holds the barrel. It sits underneath the brush in a position that allows it to drip into the barrel when finished being used. On the left side in the same type ring, is positioned a handcarved brass bowl with what I believe is a porcelain insert for shaving soap. To the right of the shaving bowl there is a smaller ring in which the razor hangs, and to the back there is what looks like a money clip, it could be to hold blades or perhaps to hold a towel.

This set was made sometime during the Victorian era dating it to — This collectible shaving stand is in Absolutely Mint Condition and shines as only brass can.

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At first glance, it looks almost like the Edwin Jagger DE89 with the silky smooth handle but there is a glaring difference. If you look at the bottom it has a beige colored knob that serves two purposes. Adjustable knob First, the knob allows you to adjust the aggressiveness and second, it provides the only grip since it is slightly wider than the handle.

Product Description. Double-edge safety razors are the modern gentleman’s preferred way to shave. The personal adjustability of the Rockwell 6S allows you to adjust the razor to perfectly suit your skin, facial hair, and shaving soap – ensuring a close, smooth, and comfortable shave every time.

What do you do to bring it back to looking the way it did when Grandpa unwrapped it on Christmas morning? To answer that question, I asked the vintage shaving experts at RazorEmporium. The classic style of shaving is back. There are even a few manufacturers today still making vintage style safety razors: While these modern manufacturers exist, many men are discovering the fun of using a vintage razor made decades ago.

Your uncle, father, or grandfather may have old razors from days gone by that have been hidden away in a bathroom cabinet, just waiting to be rediscovered. You may have thought that antique stores were only for old Chinaware or furniture, but they can very well be a treasure-trove for vintage shaving gear. When checking out an antique store, look for the display cases with other manly items such as belts, ties, eye-glasses, flasks, pipes, cuff-links, etc.

These are usually great places to find a vintage razor just waiting to be put back in service. Also be sure to ask one of the antique dealers if they have any shaving items, as there are often razors tucked away somewhere in the store.

1971 VERY RARE MINT Gillette Black Beauty Razor

That is, when they shaved at all. Archeologists have found shaving blades dating back to at least BC. That was when the safety razor was born. In Gillette came up with the idea of disposable blades.

Razor head: Flexibility is everything for a safety razor, so fancy one that locks the blade in place firmly and can be angled across the face for precision shaving. Most cartridge razors bear the.

Louisville KY jason10mm said: I have the Merkur 34c. But as an FYI, most modern low priced DE razors like merkur are chrome plated zinc alloy, which means that once the chrome plating is breached the underlying pot metal will quickly corrode. So it is very doubtful that you will see 20, 30, year old Merkur razors.

The “vintage” razors like Gillette are usually plated brass which can be replated and the better modern ones made from stainless steel will last, though. Doesn’t take anything away from Merkur and similar razors, just be aware that they are just very durable disposable razors, not true “heirloom” devices. I’m looking at the ATT above the tie stainless razors.

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King Camp Gillette Gillette double-edged safety razor series “Old type” Gillette safety razor set, made between and Double-edged safety razors The first safety razor using the new disposable blade went on sale in The great innovation of this new model was the “Twist to Open”, or TTO design, which made blade changing much easier than it had been previously, wherein the razor head had to be detached from the handle.

This was updated in , with different versions being produced to shave more closely—the degree of closeness being marked by the color of the handle tip. In , the first “adjustable” razor was produced. This allowed for an adjustment of the blade to increase the closeness of the shave.

With adjustable razors, you can use a small knob near the top of the handle to change the gap between the razor blade and the safety bar, customizing your razor to the level of comfort you desire most.

Shave Like Grandad Topics related to traditional wet shaving, which is ecologically friendly very little waste to discard , less expensive than using canned foam and multi-bladed throw-away cartridges and razors, and a fun and interesting way to turn shaving from a chore into a pleasurable daily ritual. This one was manufactured in Yet the truth is that I don’t like this razor very much.

I prefer my Merkur 33C and 15C razors any day. I’d ammend that now to say I prefer my Merkur 33 and my Rimei RM , though I no longer have such a distaste for the Slim — but I don’t like it enough to use it in place of my two current favorites just mentioned. It’s a twist-to-open, butterfly-door design, which some prefer to the earlier three-piece designs The blade-bar gap is adjustable allowing capacity adjustments from modest to large It is made of brass, which is durable and hefty, and is of high-quality construction They, the users, have fairly smooth, tough skin Here is the reason that I don’t use the Gillette Slim Adjustable razor:

Gillette SLIM Adjustable TTO Safety Razor J-1 1964

Contact Me Hello and Welcome After six years of collecting and shaving with vintage safety razors, I wanted to start sharing information and maybe a bit of excitement about them and their history. Gillette, Schick, Gem, Kampfe and others made these objects of industrial design that combine utility and appearance quite nicely. I began shaving with a Gillette Techmatic and, from there, went on to use a variety of cartridge razors up until

Gillette Fatboy DE Safety Razor Date Code Find this Pin and more on The Mule Wagon Antiques & Collectibles by ShopInterest Mall. The classic Gillete safety razors are a .

Nothing like that burning alum touch in the o-dark-thirty of a winter workday. January 21, at I take a teensy bit more time shaving because the multi-blade razors really are amazing sorry, purists. I start with the grain, then go against the grain after a quick re-lather. Then I hop in the shower. Peter S Conover says: Always shave in the shower, kind of forgotten what my face looks like….

Strongly recommend the Feather blades, Kiss My Face shave cream way, way, way smooth — and much cheaper than the British stuff , and be sure to get some Shave Secret shave oil from Wal-Mart or wherever…it makes a huge difference. Drop the disposables, and make your Grandpa proud! January 21, at 1: Chapstick helps some with irritation right after shaving.

The Triumphant Return of Wet Shaving

How do you know when a gun’s safety is off? The safety is different for rifles, pistols and various types of models. Some are marked so that RED will be showing if it is unsafe.. Some automatic pistols have a hammer that cocks when it is ready to FIRE and when the safety is clicked ON, it releases the hammer back down without it contacting the firing pin.. Some pistols have a grip safety so that it will not fire if your hand is not gripping it..

The Rex Ambassador Adjustable razor uses L marine-grade stainless steel. This provides superior corrosion resistance but requires specialized machining. Rex has continued the Gillette date code system ( = M) and has included serial numbers for quality control and product registration.

Love the look, love the weight, love the price, love the shave! Absolutely love this beast. Super fast service and great emails notifying shipping from the team! Another happy customer from Italy. This is flat out the best value on the market today. The handle alone is worth twice the asking price.

Adjustable Safety Razors

My Year-Long Experiment With Using an Electric Razor The Art of Manliness has introduced thousands of men to the joys and pleasures of traditional wet shaving with a safety razor or straight razor. I get emails and letters every month from readers thanking me for turning them on to the idea of shaving like their grandpas did. The last time I had shaved with an electric razor was when I was 16 years old.

That was almost 15 years ago. I remember the shave from my electric razor being poor and extremely uncomfortable. Shaving with it was akin to holding a small rodent to my face and letting it chew off my stubble.

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How to clean a safety razor Gillette black beauty 1969

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