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Edward and Bella, separated by 70 floors of Twi Tech Tower, must fight to stop what could be an act of war. This is my first fic. No one sends Bella into a tailspin quite like Edward Cullen The ups and downs and all arounds. A girl’s gotta pay for college somehow, right? Come meet ‘Sugar Daddy’ Edward. Edward Cullen, once a scared orphaned boy is the leader of said rebellion and now Forks new King.

Faith Carter

Engage in highly indulgent self-insertion into story. I’ve a couple of cantos concerning the adventures of one “Childe Harold”. A manly specimen, rather passionate, who journeys to Eastern Albania. Does he sigh a lot, and mope after girls?

Aug 06,  · I’m looking for fanfic where bella, edward and the usual gang gather in a beach house for Alice/Rosalie’s wedding (I don’t remember whose wedding it was). In college edward was in relationship with tanya, and bella with jacob. Bella and tanya never got along, and so did edward and jacob. But when they met at that beach house, they.

His father provided Edward with many advantages as a successful lawyer, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private school; however, he and his father were rather emotionally distant due to his busy career that often drew him away from home for business. This absence was made up for by his relationship with his mother; he was the center of her life. Carlisle next to Edward in Edward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist.

As he grew older, Edward became enamored with the life of a soldier. World War I raged during most of his adolescence, and Edward dreamed of joining the army as soon as he turned 18, which he reminisced about in Midnight Sun , saying that his love for his mother was the only thing that made him reluctant to the thought other than his underage.

That changed, however, when he and his parents became sick with the Spanish Influenza in His father died in the first wave of the influenza. Edward’s mother later contracted the Spanish Influenza and begged the doctor who was taking care of them, Dr. Carlisle Cullen , to do everything within his power to save her son.

What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward. Shortly after Elizabeth died, Carlisle took Edward from the hospital, brought him to his house, and there changed him into a vampire. Edward formed a deep bond with Carlisle, who became a father figure to him, gaining Edward’s trust and love the way his natural father never had.

It was Carlisle who first realized Edward’s telepathic abilities; he noticed Edward answering questions that Carlisle had not asked aloud. Edward had always had a knack for reading people; after his transformation, this ability blossomed into a true psychic talent.

A guide to fanfiction for people who can’t stop getting it wrong

But when Edward meets Tanya in College, Bella’s world starts to fall apart. Now on their wedding day, will Bella reveal her feelings and Tanya’s dark secrets? Well, it has inspired this one shot. I wrote this within an hour or two, it was a storyline that came into my head and i had to write it straight away. And here it is! I hope you all enjoy it!

lesbianbritneyspears. the thing that pisses me off about 50 shades of grey isn’t that it’s twilight fanfiction, it’s that it’s bad ooc twilight fanfiction. the implication that edward would be into bdsm is so fucking dumb he’s a year old virgin who cried and went into a week-long depression the first time he fucked bella he wouldn’t even consider the idea of fucking her until.

After Christmas by pattyrose reviews The day after Christmas, when the magic of the season still lingers, two people meet. But how many ‘after-Christmas’ days will they need to get things right? When pediatrician Edward meets the woman of his dreams, he gets more than he bargained for. She’s captivating but complicated with her unconventional family dynamic.

Does she come with more baggage—or people—than he can handle? Will he be able to keep his distance? Sometimes, it takes a village He sees Bella the first day.

Bella Swan/Sam Uley

He is sin personified, wicked and inked, cruelty always at the tip of his tongue. Black wings grace his back, and blood stains his hands. She’s the poison he wants to consume, but can she survive? Rated M Bored Games by m A dark and twisted tale about vampires dealing with the never-ending boredom of eternity. Written for the Countdown to Halloween II.

YOU ARE READING. Twilight: Bella vs Tanya Fanfiction. Tanya is madly in love with Edward and has been for so many years now despite the fact that she has tried to hold in the feelings she has for s:

JerinAnn Tanya visits the Cullen clan sometime during the time setting of Eclipse, thought it doesn’t follow the plot of Eclipse. How will Tanya react to finding out that Edward has found a mate? Rated M for language. I can’t believe that Edward and I have to be there. I normally love being at the Cullen’s house but not for that evening. Alice told everyone that Tanya was visiting.

I didn’t see why Edward and I had to be there. Especially since she had this obsession with my boyfriend.

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Wednesday, February 16, Best Twilight Fanfictions I’m a fanfiction addicted girl,needless to say,I find new exciting ones regularly. I thought about creating a blog to share those with you. I’m not rating,but ofcourse

Edward and Bella are married, Alice and Jasper are married, Edward is a heart/brain doctor and Jasper is a gynaecologist, Edward is cheating on Bella with Alice, and Bella is cheating on Edward with Jasper.

Alice pestered me all night to tell her about the date, which I reluctantly did. That kiss was nothing like the one at the party. Was it just because I was drunk at then, and thought it was good? I could remember the tingle on my lips when we kissed. Maybe he was just nervous. We all gathered around the kitchen table early the next day for breakfast. Esme and Carlisle had returned from their trip and despite our epic cleaning skills, they found out we had a party.

Biloxi Area Shopping, Sales, Coupons

Carmen noticed that Edward looked worried. Edward turned back to the car, and nodded. Bella sighed, and looked at Cambria and Renesmee. Cambria looked at Bella, worry in her eyes. Jacob smirked at the idea of Cambria using the nickname he had given Renesmee. Seth looked at Cambria.

Inspiration. This series is a rewrite of the first General Hospital fanfiction I wrote back in and the majority of the third story, Sweet Revenge, is lifted from my story, Deserving.

Time to start future-dating these. So Bella comes home from her kidnapping and house arrI mean sleepover and Charlie has left her a note. The note is about calling Jacob. Apparently he feels really bad for telling Bella to go off and die instead of becoming a vampire. Bella has her mind set on laundry. First she figures Alice popped them in the wash, because, well, I guess we all have friends who, um, randomly do our laundry for us?

But her clothes are not in the wash, and neither are they in her hamper. I know you guys are on the edge of your seats here. He grabs Bella around the waist and pulls her into the kitchen, looking around for laundry thieves. Edward indicates that someone has been here, one of his people.

DALRO – Copyright for Dramatic, Artistic, Visual and Literary Arts in South Africa

In fact, in numerous self-reporting polls of fandom done over the years, the majority of members participating in traditional fandom communities have identified themselves as queer or otherwise non-heterosexual. The popularity of slash fanfic invariably seems like a weird kink or a total mystery to outsiders, but there are actually a number of factors at play.

Sam and Dean Winchester, and Dean and the angel Castiel. Female characters are routinely introduced as damsels, love interests, or sexy villains, and are then killed off to make way for the intense, obsessive loyalty and love expressed between these three dudes. Slash fanfiction is simply an extension of what viewers are already seeing onscreen.

Edward vs Jacob: Edward and Jacob are two characters that youre probably already familiar with, thanks to the popular movie Twilight. Use the mouse to click the dress up items to choose the clothes you like best for them. Enjoy!

Her parents became protective over the young Faith since she couldn’t protect herself from other supernatural creatures. She lives close to Charlie Swan and his daughter Bella Swan. Faith grew up creating a sisterly bond with Bella Swan her parents friend Charlie Swan daughter, they became acquainted with the Black family , Billy Black and his three children twins Rachel and Rebecca and the youngest Jacob Black and Michael Black , but mainly kept to themselves. It wasn’t until Bella stopped visiting Forks that Faith grew closer to the Black children, even becoming best friends with Rachel and Rebecca Black keeping in contact when they leave La Push.

Charlie Swan become a regular person in the Carter’s household after his divorce with Renee Dwyer and his daughter, Bella who stopped visiting that Faith came to recognise him as a shy, warm Uncle that she never had At the age of four years old Faith was playing near the forest of her house where she first met Carlisle Cullen a vegetarian vampire who had protected her from a noman vampire drinker that planed to kill Faith.

After the rescue of Faith, Donna and Ben Carter owed debt to Carlisle and promised not to kill him or his family when they returned to Forks several years later. Carlisle brought his family to Forks secretly to introduce them to the Carter’s to create a truce where Faith instantly liked the strange yellow eyed vampire family. It was not until two years after they came to know each other that Donna and Ben Carter grew a loving kinship to the Cullens after seeing how different they were from other vampires.

Faith started to go to Forks high school with the Cullen’s only showing interest in only a small amount of student in the school only wanting the Cullen’s friendship than any others. Twilight “I’ve never understood how much someone can love for them to kill. But as I feel the heat of the fire that now burned James body, and high screams coming from Bella.

I understood clearly"” -Faiths thoughts in Twilight At the beginning of Twilight , Faith is seen as a small child in Bella’s memory of Forks running beside Bella as a child. It changes until Faith is in a classroom looking out the window with a annoyed expression with Alice Cullen sitting next to her in the back of the room.

Biloxi Area Shopping, Sales, Coupons

What a beautiful view: Nudist beaches were never so crowded with stunning forms as in this year Welcome to the unique section of womans locker rooms!

In London, an old friend shows up to warn Buffy and the others of a new threat. 5, miles away in Forks, Washington, a family worries about Alice’s latest vision and how to .

Humans collect shiny things and decorate their bodies and nests with them. The shinier the better, although each individual has a unique taste for style and colouring 3. Humans are not an aquatic or even amphibious species, but they flock to bodies of water simply to play in it. When night falls and the sky goes dark, humans become drowsy and begin to cocoon themselves in soft, fluffy bedding.

Some humans use pigments and dyes to make their bodies flashy and colourful! They even attach shiny dangly bits to their cartalidgous membranes! Humans are very clever, and sometimes adopt creatures from other species into their family units. If a human sees another creature in distress, they can commonly be observed trying to help!


Share via Email Number one fan Michael Lionstar If you were to lock a group of pop culture junkies and TV addicts in a bunker, tell them that the end of the world had arrived and that they had to preserve culture for posterity by writing books, what they would produce would be fan fiction fanfic. This is actually the plot of a piece of fanfic from the s, in which sci-fi fans survive Armageddon and rebuild civilisation in their own image.

Story starts many years after Edward left Bella. Bella is a vampire and living a guy. Cullens and Bella meet again in high school or college. Rose and Alice see bite marks on Bella body but Bella uses her power and hides them.

Appearances Twilight In Twilight , Edward meets Bella Swan , a human girl whose thoughts he is unable to read, and whose blood smells overwhelmingly sweet to him. Edward admits to Bella that he is a vampire , and that although he retains the physical body of a seventeen-year-old, he was actually born on June 20, His adoptive father, Carlisle Cullen , transformed him into a vampire in to prevent him from dying in the Spanish influenza epidemic in Chicago, Illinois by the request of Edward’s mother who begged him to do whatever it took to save him.

Carlisle instilled in him a sense of morality uncommon in most vampires, and central to his way of life is the refusal to consider humans as food. However, Edward constantly warns Bella against being with him, perceiving her life to be at risk if she continues to associate with him. Bella’s love and confidence in Edward’s restraint cause her to ignore his warnings, even after she becomes the vampire James’ target.

Unlike the Cullen family, who are “vegetarian” vampires committed to only feeding on animals , James regularly feeds on humans and will not stop until he drinks Bella’s blood. With his family’s help, Edward is able to save Bella from James’ predations, but how to assure Bella’s continued safety remains an open question. In an attempt to protect her, he convinces her that he no longer loves her, and moves away with his family, leaving Bella heartbroken.

Edward finds it difficult to live without Bella, and becomes severely depressed at the prospect of an infinitely long and meaningless life. After he mistakenly learns from his sister Rosalie that Bella has committed suicide, Edward attempts to convince a group of Italian vampires, the Volturi , to kill him.


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